Use Refillable Bottles

This is another one of those “it should really go without saying” posts and we’re not going to belabor it with a lengthy post but, truth be told, not nearly enough Americans are putting the effort into this super simple lifestyle change. Everywhere we go, we still see people with single-use drinking containers.

We’d call this one of the easiest changes we’ve made to date — just getting in the habit of taking our reusable to-go containers with us. Starbucks gives us .10 off our drinks because we bring our own containers (even when it’s not one of theirs).

It’s not difficult, it’s just a matter of making it a priority and ingraining the habit.

My triumvirate of favorite containers includes my Starbucks travel coffee mug, my on-the-work-desk-at-all-times Corkcicle insulated tumbler (both pictured above) and my bright yellow Hydroflask. These are brands and products that are high quality and have stood the test of time by my side day after day. They aren’t inexpensive when compared to some other items on the market, but the per-use cost when I use them daily over time makes them economical. And let’s be honest — we’re more likely to consistently use items we really like/enjoy than ones about which we feel ambivalent.

There are lots and lots of different brands and styles on the market at many different price points. What I like about my choices is that they are insulated to keep drinks hot or cold, and they aren’t made from plastic (with the exception of the tumbler lid) — but even if your preference IS a plastic reusable container…the consistent reusing is the important bit.

What’s important is being consistent with it.

So, this easy change suggestion is simple — get a container you’ll want to use, and use it when you go out, consistently, until it feels weird NOT to. Science is recently telling us that it takes 66 days to form a habit. We don’t think it took us nearly that long to get used to toting our drink containers with us in the car and to/from events.

Look, sometimes using a single-use beverage container is truly an unavoidable reality of contemporary active living. We don’t beat ourselves up when we have to use one, but we actively try to minimize how often that occurs by bringing our own (or using a restaurant’s for-here option) — and we are consistently delighted by how many businesses support filling our containers instead of using theirs — some with the added bonus of a discount. Really, at most places, all you have to do is ask.

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