Easy Changes

Our posts about simple, everyday habits that make the world a better place.

refillable drink containers on a desk Use Refillable Bottles (8/13/2019) - So, this easy change suggestion is simple -- get a container you'll want to use, and use it when you go out, consistently, until it feels weird NOT to. [photo | LRS] Click Here to Read the Post
Linens on a clothesline Dropp the Bottles (8/13/2019) - We use Dropps pods with cold water almost exclusively. Our clothes are clean and soft and smell fresh. After our first month trial, there was no question that we'd subscribe. [photo | Skitterphoto] Click Here to Read the Post
container of cleaning wipes We’re Wiping Out the Planet (7/7/2019) - If we really want to make an easy change in our daily lives that's better for the environment, we should quit with the wipes, already. [photo | LRS] Click Here to Read the Post
Linen Napkin with a cup of tea Replace Paper Napkins (6/26/2019) - You can choose microfiber cloth napkins made out of recycled plastic bottles in place of paper napkins. [photo | Erol Ahmed] Click Here to Read the Post
Tampons arranged to look as if they are swimming Bloody Hell (6/21/2019) - Plastic tampon applicators are completely unnecessary. There are plenty of alternatives. And yet they are ubiquitous. Store shelves are lined with them and the personal product companies have convinced the masses that they are the best, practically the only, option.  [photo | Josefin] Click Here to Read the Post