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In an effort to cut down on the number of plastic containers we bring into our home on a routine basis, we did a little inventory. The areas of the home that are main offenders won’t surprise you: kitchen, bathroom, laundry. We made changes in all three places (many of which we’ll be telling you about in product review posts), but focusing on laundry made a lot of sense and turned out to be a very easy and very welcome change in our household.

Focusing on laundry made a lot of sense and turned out to be a very easy and very welcome change in our household.

There are now lots of products on the market vying for the attention of eco-friendly consumers who want to clean up their act, but perhaps none as ubiquitously as Dropps. The company shows up just about everywhere on social media, so it was pretty easy to find them.

They wooed us with their marketing, then they won us with their multi-pronged mission that includes safe/healthy detergent ingredients, a stand against animal testing, responsible sourcing of materials, and sustainable packaging.

The membrane of each pod gave us concern at first, so we looked into it. Here’s what Dropps has to say about it:

“Our pod membrane is a biodegradable, water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol. When the film dissolves in your washer and enters the water stream in microparticles, micro-organisms that commonly exist in nature break down the PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) to water and carbon dioxide.”

That was it. They had us. Now all that was left was to find out whether Dropps was any good at, you know…cleaning laundry. We ordered a single box on Amazon because we weren’t quite ready to commit to a subscription until we had given them a go for a bit.

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As it turns out, our switch to Dropps is one of our favorite lifestyle changes to date! After using the one-time box, we became subscribers at the Dropps website. We like the lightly scented lavender and eucalyptus pods, but Dropps has lots of other choices, including unscented.

We use Dropps pods with cold water almost exclusively. Our clothes are clean and soft and smell fresh (not perfume-y). After the first month with our trial package, there was no question that we’d subscribe — then we were really impressed with the minimalist packaging that easily breaks down for recycling but also keeps the product safe and intact during transport straight to our door in Virginia from their warehouse in Illinois (as this helpful article suggests, it’s a good idea to figure out where your warehouse-to-door subscriptions originate if you’re concerned about carbon footprint).

Truth be told, these little boxes will probably become gift boxes at the holidays before they ultimately get recycled (our friends and family are going to be confused to open Dropps laundry pod boxes….but they’ll be super stoked when they find out the boxes are filled with colorful, cool solemate socks).

There are other products we tried in the past few months that we’ll be reviewing in less favorable light soon (sorry shampoo bars), but this product has really earned our business and our endorsement. It’s an easy change that we feel good about — and we feel good about encouraging you to try it, too.

Use this link to subscribe, and you’ll get $10 off your subscription to Dropps.

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