This is a site for everyday environmentalists.

What does that even mean? Leave it to the folks at Pew to attempt to define the term based on data. Putting Americans into two categories, Pew calls everyday environmentalists those who “try to live out their concern for the environment all the time”…but sometimes fall short.

Everyday environmentalists care a lot and want to do right, and to get better at doing right…but know they could do more, better.

As opposed to hard-core Earth stewards who tend to get dubbed “hippie” or “tree-hugger,” or “granola,” or some other label tinged with connotations of extremism, everyday environmentalists tend to be more moderate folks who believe we all need to do more to take care of our planet and who make solid attempts on a regular, ongoing basis in pursuit of that ideal.

That’s who this site is for, and it’s who we are —  just a typical American couple looking to take care of our planet as part of our contemporary existence, making earth stewardship a part of our day-to-day lives.

Hi. We’re Aaron and Lisa.

If you look at the photos on the main page or this one below, you might be duped into believing we belong in the hard-core granola tree-hugger category. Not so.

We are weekend outdoorsy types as often as possible — hiking, camping, fishing, and time on the water — but mostly we’re townies who have regular jobs and all of the accouterments of contemporary life. We don’t live off the grid or grow our own food or sew our own clothing. We don’t live in tiny house or a yurt, and neither of us is vegan or even vegetarian, though — full disclosure — Lisa leans heavily that way. We certainly have not accomplished the nirvana of zero waste living to the point where you’ll see us posting about being able to fit an entire year’s trash in one Mason jar.

Aaron & Lisa

But we feel strongly that most Americans — ourselves included — can and should do more in our daily lives to take better care of the planet and that earnestly striving toward zero waste, even imperfectly, is not only admirable but essential.

What This Site Is About

Pew says everyday environmentalists make up about 20% of America. We’d like it to be a whole lot more. Like, a LOT more.

And we’re realists. It’s not likely that America will suddenly become a country in which most of the inhabitants voluntarily change their consumption habits to the extreme represented by the most intense zero wasters. While that utopia feels far off and unlikely, we think it’s still possible to make a lot of progress. 

We subscribe to the philosophy that what we need is not a small cadre of people living flawless zero-waste lifestyles. What we need is millions and millions of us living our daily lives a whole lot closer to zero waste than we do now.

photo | Make Earth Great Again | quotation source Anne-Marie Bonneau

This site aspires to provide encouragement, ideas, and information to other everyday environmentalists — both those who have been at it for a while and especially those who are just now becoming more concerned and wanting to increase their awareness and environmental stewardship activities. 

If you care deeply and want to learn more and adapt your life, but the hard-core zero waste movement seems like just too much for you (at least right now), this blog is for you.

Here’s our take on things: 

  • It’s not too late to start!
  • You don’t have to completely overhaul your life to make a positive impact!
  • It’s OK if you don’t attain a flawless zero-waste existence!
  • Give yourself permission to learn and change habits incrementally!

With some luck — we can help nudge the number of everyday environmentalists from “two in ten” to many, many more by showcasing ways environmental impact awareness and changing our actions can fit into our everyday lives.

We all share this great big ball of dirt. We all need to look after it, the best we can.

header photo | Taken by Lisa atop the Center in the Square building in Roanoke, Virginia, which has a number of environmentally conscious features.